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My name is Stephanie Dellamura, a stay-at-home mom and mother of three.  I developed Gotta Go Mitts out of a need for my three boys.
I dreaded the whole public restroom experience, especially porta potties during fairs, etc.  Whenever we ventured into a restaurant or store, it was assured one of them would have “to go”.  I began using sandwich bags to cover their hands.  Without allowing flexibility for the thumb, the bags did not allow them to grab the toilet seat easily for balance or  stay on their hands. 
When away from home, I also needed something to cover their hands while they ate those sticky lollipops given to them by bank tellers, hairstylists, etc.  Their hands would inevitably become wet and sticky without a wipe to be found in the car or my purse.
After doing extensive research and not finding products on the market that were adequate, I decided to develop the Gotta Go Mitts.  Two out of three moms surveyed during my product development research stated they felt the same way and would use the mitts for their children.  The small discreet packaging fit easily in their purse and pockets unlike the larger packages of the disposable toilet covers. 
I would like to thank my family and friends for their support and assistance including all my little hand models in the development of the Gotta Go Mitts.  My two boys use them all the time!




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