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“Protects child’s hands from wetness and germs in public restrooms!”

Gotta Go Mitts reduce the anxiety parents  have when their children say they “Gotta Go” when away from home!

Gotta Go Mitts are the best product on the market for protecting your child’s hands from wetness and germs on unsanitary public toilets when your child has to hold on for balance, lift the seat, touch the flush lever, or like most toddlers, examine the bathroom floor and anything else interesting! 

Gotta Go Mitts are made from a 100% polyethylene material and are completely waterproof.  The mitts are very thin, not bulky, for a comfortable fit which allows the child to feel what they are touching.  Due to the wide opening, design and material, the Gotta Go Mitts slip on hands very easily and fit a wide range of hand sizes up to age 7.

The small discreet packaging fits into your purse, pocket, or diaper bag easier compared to the larger packaging for disposable toilet seat covers or take along personal toilet seats.  The packaging was designed to have enough room in the bag to allow the mitts to be dispensed quickly one at a time without all the mitts being pulled out.  The thin package is only 6 ½ inches x 5 ¼ inches and contains 20 mitts.   

Gotta Go Mitts are great also for keeping your child’s hands clean while eating lollipops or anything else sticky or messy while away from home when you are without wipes, especially in the car.  Gotta Go Mitts can also be used during cold and flu season as a barrier against unsanitary grocery cart handles.


Item # 0181519  

Qty: 20 mitts/pkg.      

Price: $3.99   

Size:  Ages 2 – 7


Free Shipping: For a Limited Time Only


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