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"I have three children under the age of four.  I can't imagine leaving the house and dealing with public bathrooms, especially while potty training.  When my son has to go and I have two others requiring my attention, Gotta Go Mitts allow me to let him have his independence while not worrying about the nastiness he would otherwise pickup!  Anything that can make any part of my now hectic life easier is such a blessing!!  Gotta Go Mitts are any active mother's lifesaver!"



"I love the Gotta Go Mitts!  I have two girls ages 5 and 6 who are cheerleaders.  The only place they can use the restroom at sporting events are porta johns, which are usually not very clean and do not have sinks for them to wash their hands.  Now my girls can wear the Gotta Go Mitts to protect their hands.  They love wearing them!



"Great idea!"



"I have twin grandsons and a daughter who is very concerned with their cleanliness, especially when out of the home. This will be a great and welcome aid to her. Thanks!"



"What a great product! I saw the story on TV done on your product and had to have them! This is an awesome idea...good luck!"



"I am so glad that someone finally came up with this. I am forever worrying about all the nasty germs in public restrooms, but when you have a three year old it is almost impossible to prevent them touching everything in there. This is such a simple idea, but a great one! I wish you lots of success."



"My 15 month old has 2nd degree burns on his hands and we are going on vacation next week. The doctor at the burn unit did not know of mittens small enough. I need waterproof mittens to protect my son's hands while at the beach. I found the "Gotta Go Mitts" during an internet search. I will pay extra for faster shipping. Please call, so I can order!"



"What a great idea! I am a stay at home mom and dread taking my 6 year old and 19 month old into public restrooms. I am hoping these will ease my mind about the whole ordeal. I am also hoping my 19th month old will wear them in the grocery carts. We all know the germs on carts. GROSS!! I can't wait to give them a try. I bought extra to pass out to my family and friends with kids. I just know they will love them. Thanks for the peace of mind, and good luck!"




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